Event costs will vary depending on a variety of factors including venue location, screen size, Pre-Movie entertainment and audience size. We would be happy to speak to you about your ideas and needs so that we can draft an accurate proposal that offers the greatest value.

Travel Expenses
Travel expenses include fuel and lodging. Travel expenses are charged at $1.00 per mile to and from our office location in Clermont, Florida. Travel fees will not be applied to events within a 30 mile radius of zip code 34715.

Reservations are made on a first-come first-served basis and are tentative until “secured” with a non-refundable deposit and signed event agreement. Once your deposit and signed agreement are received, Price Family Entertainment’s services are guaranteed at your event on that date. We accept and encourage reservations up to two years out.

You may tentatively reserve your dates without the deposit payment, but it is subject to cancellation if another customer chooses that date and pays the deposit payment. Price Family Entertainment will notify you immediately in that circumstance.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time the agreement is signed. The balance is due on the day of the event prior to set-up.

Weather Guarantee
Weather is the biggest variable in planning any outdoor event. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change the weather however there are ways to plan for it and Price Family Entertainment utilizes the latest technology to stay current with local weather conditions.

Wind speed is also a concern. The inflatable screens can safely handle wind speeds up to 25 mph (the speed at which trees start to sway vigorously). We need wind speeds of less than 15 mph in order to inflate the screen. Should the winds exceed 25 mph; our technicians will deflate the movie screen and wait for the winds to calm for an extended period of time before inflating again. Inflation and Deflation takes only about one minute.

It is strongly recommended to have an indoor location ready as a backup in case weather conditions prohibit an outdoor event.

We closely monitor current and forecasted weather conditions starting the day before your event. Our number one concern is for the safety of everyone in attendance and secondly of our equipment. If the forecast includes severe weather or a 50% or greater chance of rain we will contact you prior to departure, to discuss your options.

You may shift event dates due to forecasted inclement weather. No charges will be applied if our staff has not begun traveling to your venue.

If the weather looks threatening (imminent rain, rain, looming thunder clouds, dangerous winds capable of damaging equipment), Price Family Entertainment reserves the right to protect its own equipment by cancelling set-up / production. We also reserve the right to delay setup or pause the production until suitable weather conditions exist.

For all outdoor events, if inclement weather prevents the complete screening of the film, (where less than 75% of the film has been presented), Price Family Entertainment will guarantee your organization one make-up event within one year of the original event date, depending on availability. A Weather Related Cancellation Fee plus any travel expenses will be charged to cover employee time and equipment use for the make-up event. Payment of travel cost and the Weather Related Cancellation Fee will be due at the make-up event. If the make-up event is cancelled due to weather, Price Family Entertainment, Inc will have fulfilled all obligations to your organization.

No refunds will be made for the initial payments. Expiration of this credit will occur one year after the original event date.

Ratings & Format
Because we encourage wholesome family entertainment, film selections with ratings of G, PG, or PG-13 are preferred. Movies with R ratings should be discussed with Price Family Entertainment management prior to licensing the movie. Rated X movies are not permissible. Price Family Entertainment must be notified 14 days prior to the event of the title selected. The selected film must be available on DVD or Blu-ray in widescreen format. Some filmmakers, such as Disney, have restricted the use of their films in outdoor settings.

Film Licensing
Our fee does not include the cost of the film license that is required for a public viewing. As the equipment provider, we are not allowed to obtain the license for you (the end user). We will supply you with the film licensing contact information and help guide you through the simple process of ordering the movie title. The licensing fees range from $250 to $500 depending on many different factors that are always changing. The fee structure may change if you plan on charging admission to your event. It is advisable to contact one of these licensing agencies as soon as your event date is confirmed. The film licensing company will send you the film license for your movie and if need be a copy of the movie to use at the event.

Swank Motion Pictures, Inc
Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. founded in 1937, is the major non-theatrical movie distribution and public performance licensing agent in venues where feature movies are shown publicly.

201 S Jefferson Ave
St. Louis, MO 63103-2579
Phnone: 1-800-876-5577

Criterion, USA Inc
8238-40 Lehigh
Morton Grove, IL. 60053-2615
Phone: 800-890-9494

Movie Licensing USA
Movie Licensing USA provides one-time and annual Public Performance Site Licenses so that schools (kindergarten through 12th grade) can show movies legally for non-teaching activities.

201 South Jefferson Ave
St. Louis, MO. 63103-2579
Phone: 877-321-1300

Other Media
Price Family Entertainment can present more than just your movie selection. You may choose to include trivia slides, pre-show reels, sponsor logos, advertiser commercials, music videos, live video, announcements and more. If you choose to show other media we ask that it be submitted to us no later than two weeks prior to your event. We do this so that we have time to fully test the media to feel assured that your outdoor movie event maintains the highest standards. We cannot guarantee items submitted less than two weeks from your event will be shown.

Do you have an advertisement commercial you need produced but don’t know how to execute it? Price Family Entertainment can assist you with your project; contact us today for a quote.

Event Liability Insurance
Any accident involving Price Family Entertainment’s equipment or employees to any outside participant(s) is covered by Price Family Entertainment’s event liability insurance coverage. You may request to be additionally insured under our policy at your events. We carry a minimum of one million dollars liability.

Set-Up Procedure
Price Family Entertainment begins set-up at the customer’s specified time (typically 1 1/2 – 2 hours before showing). The inflatable screen will typically be set up within one hour. Audio testing begins shortly after the screen is standing. Projection test will begin at dusk. The movie screen will be deflated 15 minutes after the end of the movie unless otherwise specified by the customer. All equipment will be packed up no longer than 90 minutes after the completion of the movie.