How much work is involved in planning an outdoor movie event?
Most of your work is planning and promoting the event. Price Family Entertainment takes care of almost everything on the event day. You are free to relax and enjoy the movie with the audience.

How big is the screen?
We rent three different screen sizes depending on your needs. The screen sizes are 14 feet, 20 feet and 25 feet wide.

What movies can I show?
Film selections with ratings of G, PG, or PG-13 are preferred. Movies with R ratings should be discussed with Price Family Entertainment management prior to licensing the movie. Rated X movies are not permissible.

What is included?
• Inflatable Movie Screen (14′, 20′ or 25′)
• Ultra-bright Hi-Def digital projection system
• Pro-Audio system
• Standard or Blu-Ray DVD Player
• Delivery, setup, operation, teardown of equipment by trained technicians
• Film Licensing Information
• On-site Technicians
• Event liability insurance
• Generator (if needed) (sufficient only for Price Family Entertainment’s equipment)
• Weather Guarantee (see policies)

When setting up the screen, does sun (set) direction determine the placement of the screen?
The ideal placement of the screen is so that the audience is facing to the west and the sun sets behind the screen. The screen is a very reflective surface, if the sun sets behind the audience it gets dark later and the movie has to start later.

What types of clients book with Price Family Entertainment?
Most clients consist of municipalities, community associations, schools, colleges church groups and businesses. We can work with larger corporations and small businesses to host staff/client appreciation nights. We work with Hotels, Resorts, Shopping Malls, Car Dealerships, and Golf Courses to host promotional events. Private individuals can hire us for that special birthday party, wedding or bar mitzvah. Price Family Entertainment will work with your organization to design any type of event you can dream up.

What types of venues can Price Family Entertainment set up in?
Our inflatable movie screens are extremely durable and versatile. We can set up almost anywhere including streets, beaches, tops of parking ramps and even barges on lakes. The most common venues are parks, sporting fields and golf courses. The selected location need only have suitable space for the screen, projection station and seating/parking area. Stay clear of trees, lamp posts or anything else that may obstruct the movie projection or audience sight lines.

Since no two venues are exactly alike, please allow us to help you make this important decision. Narrow your choices down to sites that have ample space and free of ambient lighting. If the venue happens to have underground obstacles (irrigation, gas or electric lines), we will ask you to call locaters to come and mark them with spray paint or flags. This should be done no more than 72 hours before the event so that the paint is still visible when our crew arrives.

Grass venues allow us to drive 3 foot stakes into the ground for the purpose of securing the screen. If we are setting up in a location that does not allow us to stake into the ground we will need to coordinate with you for an alternative anchoring system. The most common types of anchors for hard surfaces are street lights, concrete blocks, golf carts and water barrels. We will need four anchor points.

Other factors that should be taken into consideration are the proximity to residential areas with respect to the noise level. Make sure city officials are notified of the event if you are in a Public Park. Sometimes a permit is needed to occupy the park after curfew. It is also important to choose a venue that has ample parking and restroom facilities.

How much power do we need?
Several dedicated 20 amp circuits may be necessary to power an outdoor movie event.

What time can the movies begin?
Images will not show up very well until 30 minutes after sunset (dusk).

What is the proposed event timeline?
• Two hours before dusk – Technicians arrive and begin set-up
• One hour before dusk – Screen is inflated / Audio system is tested
• 30 minutes before dusk – Optional pre-show entertainment begins
• 10 minutes before dusk – Projection test and Announcements and host greeting
• Dusk – Sponsor commercials and movie begins
• 15 minutes after completion of movie – Movie screen is deflated
• Approximately 90 minutes after completion of movie – Equipment is packed for departure

What about pre-show entertainment?
Some of our clients like to provide emcees that interact with the crowd before the movie starts. You are welcome to tap into our PA system to play trivia games or conduct audience interviews. Clients with larger budgets hire live bands, comedians or magicians to keep the crowd engaged. Most of our clients simply ask us to play family friendly music while the audience gets settled in.

Do the inflatable screens kill the grass?
No, the screens will not kill the grass. They are designed to equally distribute the weight over their large surface areas. Plus, the movie screens are only in contact with the grass for five or six hours.

How powerful is the sound system? Are there any noise concerns?
The sound system package depends on how many viewers are expected to attend the movie event. The larger the audience the more powerful the system required. If there are potential noise issues with your venue, we can minimize the sound level without compromising the quality of the show.

For most events we use speakers placed on each side of the screen facing the audience. We will help you determine the ideal location for the screen and speakers to minimize the audio level that would descend on local neighborhoods.

Do we have to sign an agreement?
Yes, we do require that an agreement be signed by all parties. This is to ensure that all parties are protected and everyone has a clear understanding of the expectations. Our agreements are custom designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Does Price Family Entertainment have insurance?
Price Family Entertainment maintains a policy of insurance not less than two million dollars. This policy covers the operation of our equipment plus general and product liability for the period of the event.

Your organization can request to be added as additional insured on our policy for a specific event date and location. Please give us 30 days notice if you wish to be listed on a Certificate of Insurance.

What format will the movies need to be in?
We recommend a wide screen format standard Blu-Ray or DVD. The size of the projected image will be maximized because all of our screens are wide screen (16:9 ratio). We utilize up-scaling DVD & Blu-Ray players and HD projectors to produce high definition movie events.